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Birthdate:Aug 19
Forget about it? You mean... rip it from my memory like a picture from a book? A picture of a small boy... kind of shy... with big ears who only wanted to be liked. And the laughing faces of his classmates, mocking him because he forgot to wear his pants to school? Is that what you mean?

Character Name: Pete Hutter
Fandom: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Living Arrangements: TBD

I, Peter Leviticus Hutter, do solemnly swear--wait, no.

I am Pete Hutter. I am supposed to be in the late nineteenth century west, continuing my grandious exploits now that el Presidentay has seen fit to grant me my immunity from my former crimes. But no. I had to get mixed up with Brrrrrrisco County Junior and his "orb destiny", which, if you ask me, ought not to be something you talk about in polite company, and now I am once again seventeen years old and have been forced to attend this "high school" in hopes that I will develop into an "upright and proper citizen" upon my return to my rightful place and time.

Do not touch my piece if you value your continued existence upon this planet.

That is all.

Class Schedule (Fall 2006)

Introduction to 21st Century Popular Culture (Period 5)

Criminal Justice (Period 2)

Internet for Dummies (Period 3)
US Government (Period 4)
Hunting 101 (Period 7)

[I am not Peter Leviticus Hutter. He is a fictional character from the television series The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and is being used for the role playing game fandomhigh. I do not own Pete or the series. That is all.]
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