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So I've got this new character now. Named Pete Hutter.

He's from a show some of you may have seen: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr? Yeah, back when Bruce Campbell was still young and delicious. . . .

I digress.

Pete was a reoccurring absurd character on a somewhat absurd show. He would swoop in for an episode, pester Brisco and Bowler, probably steal something, then go off somewhere else, for awhile.

The main things to know about Pete: he's an idiot. No, seriously. He's about the most well-spoken idiot you'll ever meet, in that his vocabulary is HUGE, but he doesn't grasp new concepts quickly, and he certainly doesn't think anything through using anything remotely resembling common sense.

Pete is a robber. A bank and train robber, primarily. He's always got some kind of get rich quick scheme going on his that odd little brain of his, but usually works best (and most successfully) as the accomplis rather than the master mind. His MO tends to involve giant rocks. Usually of the painted variety.

He's the Wile E. Coyote of BCJ, essentially.

This includes his apparent inability to DIE. He "dies" three times in canon, shot once, throwing starred, and then pitch-forked, and each time just keeps coming back. I suspect he may "die" once or twice in Fandom, plot- and administration-willing.

If you talk to Pete about anything out of the ordinary (which, since he's from 1894, could include computers, washing machines, or telephones as well as magic and space ships), odds are good he'll blame it on the orb. This is a sci-fi addition to the wild west world of BCJ, and is an object capable of granting superhuman powers.

In our little world, it turned Pete from a 34 year old gunslinger into a 17 year old junior. So, really, it could do just about anything.

It's not in Fandom, though. Probably never will be. But it's Pete's favorite scape goat.

Lastly, he has an unnatural affection for his "piece", being his gun. He values it quite possibly more than he values his own life (which makes sense, since his life seems to be unnaturally well-preserved). Touch it, and he will challenge you to a duel. He's only just barely managed to relinquish it to the school.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there you go, Pete Hutter. La.


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